Course Description of Advanced Chinese Listening

Updated: 2014-12-30


1.       Course Name: Advanced Chinese Listening

2.       Course Type: Training course of Chinese listening skills

3.       Class Hours and Credits: 64class hours;4 credits

4.       Teaching Objects:

This course is appropriate for students who have mastered a vocabulary of roughly 3500 Chinese words and possess above-intermediate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

5.       Teaching Objectives:

Students will study a wide diversity of listening materials from all subject areas. They will further expand their listening skills to be able to understand the rapid speech of news and television programs.  

6.       Course Features and Expectations:

Students will study a range of advanced topics with a wide mixture of language usage, including politics, history, philosophy, economics, law, science and technology, culture, and customs. Students are expected to complete a rigorous body of listening assignments inside and outside the classroom in order to reinforce learning.

7.       Course Materials:

Yao, Shujun, 2006. Developing Chinese—Advanced Listening Course level 1&2 (2nd edition). Beijing Language and Culture University Press.

8.       Examination Mode

Course assignmentsUnit testsMid-term and Final exams